Our Lenten Book Study will be on the book UnClobber by Colby Martin

“Churches in America are experiencing an unprecedented fracturing due to their belief and attitude toward the LGBTQ community. Armed with only six passages in the Bible–often known as the “clobber passages”–the traditional Christian position has been one that stands against the full inclusion of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Unclobber reexamines each of those frequently quoted passages of Scripture, alternating with author Colby Martin’s own story of being fired from an evangelical megachurch when they discovered his stance on sexuality.

UnClobber reexamines what the Bible says (and does not say) about homosexuality in such a way that breathes fresh life into outdated and inaccurate assumptions and interpretations.” ~ Amazon

We will meet beginning March 4th, 2020 from 6:30-7:30

Books are $15 each. Please order soon at 751-3503


The L’Ambizioso Duo

What a marvelous concert this evening at the church!  These two young man are extremely talented and we were blessed to be able to enjoy their music!


At the Mississippi River Bridge, during Loop the Lake Bike Festival, June 17.  What a fun morning, riding with about 900 other bikers!   Take a look at the photo gallery for more photos.

A photo op at the Mississippi River Bridge


We have many individuals and groups that have a working presence in our church!  One such group is called Faith and Fellowship.  These ladies work hard to supply the congregation with beautiful greeting cards!  They meet monthly to make these cards and in  turn, sell them, then use the proceeds to give back to the church in many, many ways.  Two of their latest funding projects were to help pay for the automatic doors to the church and to help provide the money to purchase the new name tags we wear each Sunday in worship to help everyone know each other!  Thank you, Faith and Fellowship for your dedicated mission to our congregation!





Coffee and a cookie (or caramel rolls!) after church with friends.



Game Night is held for adults once a month, usually on the second Saturday evening.